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Mi Ritiro

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog about my song ‘Mi Ritiro!

Mi Ritiro is the second single from my debut album ‘Lost in Love’.  It’s a bitter-sweet love song that that is essentially the story about waking up and wishing to return to ‘reality’ when you have been in love with the wrong person!

I wrote it in Italian as being classically trained some of my favourite arias that I sing are in Italian and the call to write in the original language of love (even though I am not fluent in Italian, I had some help with the correct grammar!) seemed appropriate.

I had written the lyrics and most of the melody when I teamed up with my good friend and wonderful pianist Stefano Marzanni. He helped write the harmony and arrange the piano part in a way that sounded classical yet simple. I wanted the song to sound like something between an aria from a modern opera and a song from a soundtrack of an old Italian movie.

Once it was written, I worked closely with my amazing producer Tom E. Morrison, who worked tirelessly to bring my vision to life. Working with Tom in the studio was amazing, watching all of the musicians record their parts and being able to watch my song come to life was such a wonderful experience and one that I never forget.

Stefano leads the instrumentation with the beautiful original piano arrangement alongside the string section. On violin, I have award-winning violinist Dermot Crehan who has on the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack, with Andrea Bocelli, Annie Lennox and many others; I am so blessed to have him on my track! Then I have Alice Sophie on cello, Alexander Verster on double bass; Graham Pike on brass and Tom E. Morrison playing keyboard. Oh, and myself as the vocalist of course.

Graham actually played the trumpet part that you hear in one take. I was blown away when we were in the studio; I had goosebumps all over and knew instantly that would be the one to stay. I am really pleased with the end result. Everyone worked really hard to give an amazing performance for me and Tom’s pristine production is the icing on the cake.

Once the track was ready I knew I had to make a beautiful music video to accompany the song.  I started story boarding and planning my outfit.  The dress I wear in the video is the same dress that is on my album cover ‘Lost in Love’.

Producing music videos is something that I have really started to enjoy, it feels like I can engross myself in the final presentation of the song that I wrote and although it’s always hard work I think the end result is worth it!

My brother Laurence Hardy agreed to be the Director of Photography and Editor and once I knew he was on board I was so excited!  The location that we chose was a beautiful woodland in Hampshire, England, and we filmed at dusk to try to get the beautiful golden light.

We filmed the video in 4K definition which meant that when I was singing, I was actually singing double time so we could slow it down in post-production and get this really romantic feel to the video. I am really pleased with the result, I hope you enjoy ‘Mi Ritiro’ as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

See you soon!

In love & light, Natasha x