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Golden Angels

£10 per month 
Golden Angels enjoy:  
  • Thank You Music Video Credit 
  • Exclusive Discounts 
  • Invitation to my Exclusive Facebook Group ‘Hardy’s Angels’ 
  • Exclusive Behind The Scenes videos & photos 
  • Monthly Live Hang Out’s  
  • Exclusive Live Performances 
Thank You Credit - I am honoured that you are able to support me this way! You will get the recognition you deserve with your name in the credit section of my music videos. 

Discounts on all official NATASHA HARDY merchandise. 
Invitation to my Exclusive Facebook Group ‘Hardy’s Angels’ where I will be in touch with you directly! 
Exclusive Behind The Scenes videos to show you my work, my life as a singer and what goes into making my music, videos & performances. 
Live hang out’s once a month, you can ask me questions, I can keep you up to date with my latest music adventures and I can let you know what’s going on in my life!  
Exclusive Live Performances  - get to hear my new music and new arrangements first in these intimate home & studio sessions 
I will let you know the dates and times in advance so you won’t miss them!