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Silver Angels

£5 per month 

Silver Angels enjoy: 

  • Invitation to my Exclusive Facebook Group ‘Hardy’s Angels’  
  • Exclusive Behind The Scenes videos & photos 
  • Monthly Live Hang Out’s  
  • Exclusive Live Performances 

Invitation to my Exclusive Facebook Group ‘Hardy’s Angels’ where I will be in touch with you directly! 

Exclusive Behind The Scenes videos to show you my work, my life as a singer and what goes into making my music, videos & performances. 

Live hang out’s once a month, you can ask me questions, I can keep you up to date with my latest music adventures and I can let you know what’s going on in my life!  

Exclusive Live Performances  - get to hear my new music and new arrangements first in these intimate home & studio sessions 

I will let you know the dates and times in advance so you won’t miss them!